Magic Act

Magic Act

From SLAM Online:

… Which is why if Lin doesn’t seriously improve game this summer, he may find himself not just on the bench, but out of a job. If by November he hasn’t figured out how to stay in front of his man on defense or consistently hit outside shots or stop forcing homerun passes, this ship sails. The magician disappears. Daryl Morey, the stats-geek general manager of the Rockets, is not one to hold on to overvalued assets. He can do the math as well as I can: In the 83 minutes Lin actually did play in the Playoffs, the Rockets were outscored by 64 points. Suddenly Lin will be just another overpaid flameout bouncing around the League, worth more to teams as an expiring contract than as even a backup point guard.


You can’t let that happen, Jeremy. You just can’t. You can’t make me go back to the pre-Linsanity days, when I would get laughed at on the playground for wearing your jersey, when you were averaging one bucket a game and sleeping on Landry’s couch. Don’t make me listen to Stephen A. Smith call you overrated again, don’t make me cringe because it’s becoming true. I don’t want to go back to being that guy who likes the Asian kid only because he’s Asian. I thought those days were over. …

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2 Comments on “Magic Act

  1. I truly agree with your nicely written piece. More so, after seeing the Cinderella Bulls over come adversity in a much depleted roster. He should learn from Nate overcoming a 10 stitch cut on his upper lip on game 1 against the Heat and came back in the seocnd half to triumph them is someone you can say proudly HE’S THE MAN. Lin the pride of the East and at large all Asians should start showing what it takes to be a Warrior, not only on the academic and business sense but on the hardcourt.

    • Thanks for reading, and I totally agree: I hope Lin is watching and learning from Nate and the Bulls.

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